The Radical Tea Towel Company was founded by the Pearce family in South Wales, who've demonstrated that it's perfectly possible to work with members of your family and still get on!

The idea came about when Beatrice was looking for a suitable politically-themed birthday present for her late mother's partner, David. She decided that some kind of left-wing tea towel would be ideal (given David's radical inclinations), but somehow the internet had not yet produced such an obviously useful product.

After a discussion over dinner with husband Tim and son Luke, the family decided they'd strike out and create a bunch of radical tea towels, with the aim of encouraging left and liberal-minded people to proudly display their political and social beliefs. You can read more about our story on our blog: part 1 and part 2.




Our operations chief, Bea looks over our UK-based manufacturing, storage and delivery. Aside from having spent many years teaching foreign languages, having a keen interest in left wing politics and enjoying long walks in the countryside, one of Bea's passions in life is singing. To this end she founded the Welsh Camerata in 2004, a 25-strong specialist early music choir in Wales that's performed several times on BBC Radio. She's probably the most organised person you'll ever meet.




Our chief designer and technical expertise in the early days, Tim loves coming up with radical new designs. He learnt his design skills while running a town guide publishing business, Heritage Guides. Tim learnt Welsh as an adult, immersing himself and his family in Welsh language and culture, and now teaches it to others. One day he's going to write an adventure novel for adult Welsh learners.




Our strategy and marketing brains, and also son of Tim and Bea. Luke lives in London and takes a keen interest in business and technology startups. His hobbies include aikido (a Japanese martial art) and public speaking.


We're proud of our humble beginnings at the family kitchen table, and are determined to maintain an ethical philosophy as we grow the business.

You can read more about how our products are made and produced in the UK in our ethical policy.


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